Take a look at this 2 minute clip and ask God if there is any forgiveness you need to extend...a spouse, to a child, boss, coworker, mother in law. God will bring His Holy Spirit's fire when we forgive and forget!! Watch this message in it's entirety at Excuse Me Week 3 Clip from Zach Gilliam on Vimeo.
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What a Pastor Can’t Delegate

I was thinking today that I have the best staff on the planet. I take 12 office mornings in April to chase turkeys and the staff gets it done!! There are some things though, as a pastor you will never be able to delegate. No matter how large your staff becomes or how small as the bishop/pastor/shepherd/leader you must carry these details. Churches will grow and explode when ...

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You Never Know…

You never know who is listening to your message and getting it. Today a parent sent me this, that she found after dropping her nine year old child off at school. This is the illustration I drew on a whiteboard to discuss broken relationships. She drew it almost exactly and got the most important part...TRUTH!

I shared that many relationships are in disrepair due to the lack of truth ...

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Sneak Peek

I am so expectant about sharing God's passion for Rural America. The most churched area in the world might be the most distant from the heart of God. How do we grow God's church in small town America with a passion to reach and love the people God was preoccupied with...the lost? In just a few short months "Transforming Church in Rural America" will hit bookshelves nation wide.
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Leadership is…

In rural America finding "growing leaders" is always challenging. At Brand New Church we are blessed with so many GREAT influencers. I believe the major reason for the lack of leadership growth is...people are "satisfied". God has so many gifts inside of all of us that are ready to bloom. I believe I have narrowed down leadership to this simple definition.

LEADERSHIP IS...Resisting the urge to SETTLE.

Why ...

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Preach This to Your Family/Church/Employees

I think the message of health needs to be preached...I have never heard a message on it till this weekend. Check out the notes and let me know what you can watch it on the front page of

10) I hate to exercise!
9) I try but know I will quit.
8 ) Can’t afford the gym membership.
7) Done it before but it really didn’t ...

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A Fresh Wind of Revival!

God is doing a fresh work of revival at Brand New Church. My life has been pruned, and I am in awe of what is transpiring! Not only my life, but so many of the lives within our church are budding with new and fresh spiritual growth. Thank you for sharing with me how God is changing you and continue to share here in the comment portion of this blog.


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Does diet make a difference?

Does diet, exercise, and having great sleep habits make you more effective for Christ?

Does your physical appearance make a difference in communicating the gospel?

Does exercise make you appreciate your legs, lungs and heart God made?

Does exercise extend your service for the Kingdom?

Does physical fitness make you more effective in ministry?

Does God receive more glory when you and I are fit?

Does exercise make a difference ...

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No More Excuses

What is your excuse for not believing God wants to use you? As we get prepared for the Excuse Me series check out who God used that made mistakes...He wants to use you too?

The next time you think God can’t use you, just look to The Bible to see what He had to work with:

1)Noah was a drunk (Genesis 9:21)
2)Abraham was too old (Genesis 17:17)
3)Isaac was ...

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This Is What It’s All About!

Cody Chaffin, a seventh grader at Harrison Junior High School, is kicking an awesome BIble Club on campus. This is what it is all about!! He and a friend founded this club a few weeks ago and it is effecting their friends and peers. It challenged me to ask this question...What are we doing to change our places of influence...especially our homes. Can you imagine the difference our ...

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