Personal Mile Markers

When mile markers show up on the journey of my life and specifically concerning my leadership they benefit me greatly. In this case they will benefit my family, marriage, staff and Brand New Church. These are not all pretty, but true realities of what I have become and what I must change. Here are the markers God has shown me:

#1 I felt entitled to Success...(I told you it was ...

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On Sunday, October 8, 1871, as Moody came to the end of his sermon for the evening, he said to those attending to go home and think about their need for Christ . Typically Moody would have given an invitation for decision, but didn't this evening and told them he would see them next week. As they exited the service in downtown Chicago the fire sirens went off, but no one gave it ...

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Matthew 15:21 "Leaving that place, Jesus withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon." If you are a leader in any form please take and heed this word. Jesus, being God, took time and withdrew!! I am 37 years old and I am just now (actually right now) understanding the importance of this time. I have a complex...actually it's a pride battle, believing I have to be there for the church ...

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7 Guaranteed Ways to Divorce

In last book of the Old and the first book of the New, God tells His passion for marriage. I have noted those text and ask that you critique, steal, use these thoughts to encourage married couples in your sphere of influence!!

Malachi 2:13-16
Matthew 19:3-9

7 Ways to Guarantee a Divorce

#1 Think you will never have one!
I am strong, I am above that, my wife would never, my ...

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There is a DNA found in a child of God that is unmistakable. The Holy Scripture teaches us in Matthew 7:20 "by their fruit you will know them." People will see the "resemblance" of Christ in your day to day living if you are a Christ Follower. Here is the opposites of God DNA mentioned here in Galations 5:19-21 "It is obvious what kind of life develops out of trying to ...

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The Simplest!

Sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful!! This video is shot with a flip camera. Sometimes we think we need high dollar equipment before we take the risk of creativity. You can purchase a flip camera for around $100 and almost every computer has editing software. Let God bring out your creativity with the budget he has given you. If your a manager, pastor, mom or dad making home videos, ...

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Answer me these few questions:

1. Why are we so passionate about mission trips and not the mission?
2. Are we created a culture of students and adults that think it is more admirable to attend, inspire, share, give to a mission trip than "the mission"?
3. Why do we come home and watch "slide shows" of mission trips and never show a slide show of reaching our campus for Christ locally or ...

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Can Committees Become Teams?

Many of you as leaders and pastors are "stuck" with a polity structure that is committee driven. Though I disagree with this approach in most (not all) organizations you can lead them appropriately and Biblically. It is really up to you as the leader how the committee is going to operate. You can turn a committee into a are few suggestions:

1) Be very strategic in who serves on ...

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