My Top Ten Prayers

My prayer life is the unsung hero in my spiritual life and yours.  Exegesis, homiletics, and even exposition of The Word are so important, but prayer is what moves the hand and heart of God in our ministry.  Here are my top ten prayers as pastor right now:


10) That God would reveal His Word fresh through the Holy Ghost.

9) God would use me beyond earthly measure.

8 ) That I would teach ...

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Effective Leadership

Mark Beeson and Granger Community Church are effectively leading in America like no other church I know. Here's why...nearly all of their staff has a national influence leading thousands in networking, cultural relevance, missions and church leadership effectiveness outside their church walls. 3 of their staff are in the top 100 Christian blogs and have thousands of readers daily. They have mastered networking socially and have a "touchable" ...

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Calling or Invitation?

I am guilty of confusing God's CALL with an INVITATION from God. When God calls, it's not an optional's a command from heaven. Many of us have been called to obey, said yes, and when the pressure came to walk in it, second best was offered to our God. Second best got in the way of Moses call, and will get in our way as well. Watch this ...

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Joshua 1:9 "Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."

What discourages you the most...emotions, finances, relationships, people? Discouragement is :
and it's CURABLE...

When you listen to discouragement:
You steal the real...YOU
God stops leading your life and the voices of others lead it.
You go backwards...
You begin ...

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Blue Light Special

We are running the special one more time!! If you respond to this in the next 48 hours you will receive the discounted rate of $175 for the conference and a second night for $139 (plus tax) at The Landing Hilton Convention and Hotel. Hundreds have already signed up, so join us for a complete marriage life change. Contact me at to receive this REAL DEAL or sign up ...

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Do You Worry?

Worry is a sin. Philippians 4:6 "Do not be anxious about anything..." The opposite of worry is trust. Why do you worry? Who is your trust in? Here are my top four struggles with worry:
1) Finances
2) Failure
3) Family
4) Friends
What are your greatest worries?
Watch this video and see if you agree with this definition of worry and let me know what you think.

Recess In Recession Week 3 from Zach Gilliam ...

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Excellent Resource

Excellent Resources are hard to find in the ministry...plenty of resources, but not done with excellence.  Resources for Student Pastors are even harder to find.  Here is a great resource for you and your students,  Check the site out for yourself.  Go to the videos and watch Doug present the Gospel as excellent as I have seen on the web.  The are developing are great ...

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Romance Uncensored

One of my passions to communicate about is MARRIAGE!!  In the next couple of  weeks I have the privilege to share with hundreds of couples the life changing truths found in the Word of God regarding marital relationships.  If you're newly married, nearly married or married forever please pray about joining at one of these conferences.  

First, is the conference  This conference is two-fold...a conference for ...

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