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By Shannon O'Dell / Posted on 22 April 2009

leader1In rural America finding “growing leaders” is always challenging. At Brand New Church we are blessed with so many GREAT influencers. I believe the major reason for the lack of leadership growth is…people are “satisfied”. God has so many gifts inside of all of us that are ready to bloom. I believe I have narrowed down leadership to this simple definition.

LEADERSHIP IS…Resisting the urge to SETTLE.

Why do we settle for average, mundane, the way it’s always been done, attitudes?

What areas of your life are you just “satisfied” and need to grow?

Let me know what you think in the comment section. Thank you to the hundreds of you reading this blog and applying truth.





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  1. Rose Clubb says,

    I think people settle just for the sake of settling, because most of us are, well just plan lazy and do not care to except things new or better, some say why change whats works, I say what works isn’t always right.. When you just settle to me its like giving up, never give up on anything in life, there is always more life coming and more to challenge , do and to be a part of, so in when all is said and done , to settel to be satisfied, is to stop growing and living!!! Never settle.. Jesus never settled, and what an example he set!!!!


    on 22 April 2009 / 4:35 PM

  2. Sarah Newman says,

    I believe that people ‘settle’ because they’re ‘comfortable’ and are afraid of change and growth. Many people have true intentions of altering their average, mundane attitudes and their lives in general, but procrastinate and come up with excuses, such as ‘I never get the time’ or ‘the opportunity never arose’, etc. I used some of these excuses from our previous sermons and have came up with a few myself, ha ha!
    My problematic area in my life would have to be my career. I know what I want to do, but I’ve been putting it off for a while, and I know I need to get the ball rolling, because every opportunity I don’t take because of these ‘lousy’ excuses, denies me the chance to live and grow as a Christian!! Think of how many lost I could reach out to and bring to BNC if I wasn’t unemployed!! Lol…


    on 23 April 2009 / 5:13 PM

  3. Derek Simpkins says,

    I agree a lot with what Sarah wrote. I would also like to add that “average” and “settling” is the example that has been put in front of us for years and years and years. Our parents’ marriages were “good” instead of great, our day at work and school was just “ok,” and our church experiences were “about the same as last week.” So why would people want to break the mold and experience the unknown?

    Another thought is that as long as I’ve been old enough to recognize it, it has seemed to me like anyone who is either above, or below, average wears around a target. Even as young as grade school age, we had labels and names for the kids that did exceptionally well, and those that struggled. Even as I got older in High School – those that did really well in school were tormented, and the kids that didn’t do so well on the basketball court got beat up in the locker room. So what encouragement was offered to people to be anything other than average?

    I feel like it goes back to what was said in a past message about “it’s all for the audience of one.” Once people realize that it doesn’t matter what the person next to them thinks about them – we’re all going to look silly when we’re strutting our stuff, showing off and living for the King of Kings – and I CAN’T WAIT to see it happen!

    Where am I settling? I maintain an average performance at work. I keep average relationships with the majority of my peers. I struggle with a few of the same issues that the average unmarried man does. I’m nothing close to satisfied with it, and I refuse to settle – I haven’t ever put much thought in to 2 of those 3 areas until I started writing about them…looks like I’ve got some stuff to work on :)


    on 24 April 2009 / 8:02 AM

  4. Deanna says,

    I found this on the internet.

    1.Communication: Listens to others, Processes information & Communicates Effectively.
    2. Adaptability: Adjusts to circumstances, thinks creativly.
    3. Relationships: Builds Personal relationships,Facilitates Team success
    4. Task Management: Works Effectively & Consistantly.
    5. Production: Takes Action & Addresses results
    6. Developement of Others: Cultivates talents & modivates successfully.
    7. Personal developement: Displays commitment & Seeks improvement.
    8. Leadership: Instills trust, Provides direction & Delegates responsibility.

    I have seen so many in our church with these charcteristics. So many have various talents and utilizing those different talents lead to such amazing teamwork and wonderful leadership. It is such a blessing serving, and standing side by side with a wonderful group of God’s people!
    Thank you all for stepping up & for the amazing leadership displayed throughout our church.


    on 24 April 2009 / 8:55 AM

  5. net says,

    It is easy to settle. We don’t cause waves than. I for one don’t beleive we should settle. If we all allow God to help us open are gifts the possibilities would be countless. God is already doing some amazing things through the people that do allow him to move. I can only imagine what it would be like when we all strive for excellence.


    on 28 April 2009 / 8:14 AM

  6. david says,

    thanks dad for that wonderful website when i read it i felt like sending this massage of appreciation


    on 02 May 2009 / 12:51 AM


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