You Never Know…

By Shannon O'Dell / Posted on 27 April 2009

addisons-trurthYou never know who is listening to your message and getting it. Today a parent sent me this, that she found after dropping her nine year old child off at school. This is the illustration I drew on a whiteboard to discuss broken relationships. She drew it almost exactly and got the most important part…TRUTH!

I shared that many relationships are in disrepair due to the lack of truth found in them. Most make life changing decisions relationally based on these:
1) Feelings
2) Perspective
3) Perception
4) Viewpoints
5) Incorrect Information
6) Flat out Lies
7) Listen to the wrong Counsel

What has happened to TRUTH? People are Self Deceived, Self Driven, Self Protective, into Self Image and Self Help. Do you deal with your broken relationships with TRUTH or TALES?

Go to http://www.brandnewchurch.com and watch this message if you have a broken or injured relationship. I am so challenged by this nine year old girl who got it…let it know and she will save herself years of argument.

Let me know if you watch (or have already listened) the message and what God speaks to you.





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