As I was sharing the God-sized stuff that is happening right now, (nearly 300 committed their lives to Christ, 19% increase in total family units giving, 9% attendance increase since Thanksgiving, baptized over 60 in two weeks, $11,000 given to start BNC Remotes, 6% volunteer increase, over $53,000 given to the lost, the last and the least, and more) with another pastor, my  friend asked the right question, "Shannon, what is the strength behind this surge of ...

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My Bible Study Resources

There are few resources that I "regularly" use when preparing to teach and lead, but I do have a fav list. When I find something that feeds and fuels my spirit I will go to it often. Here is where I go...

#1 The Bible..
My favorite translations are NIV, New Living Translation (not NLT), NAS and KJV. I do use The Message for fresh inspiration occasionally and encourage new believers ...

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Keeping The Mo Jo

Momentum is a powerful adversary for any organization. As a leader you will either FEEL momentum or FUEL momentum. You have only a moment with momentum, unless you can learn to sustain it. Every opportunity in lIFe (notice there is an IF in the middle of Life) is a moment for potential growth, energy, winning and excitement. You must attack the opportunity, then go 100% after sustaining it.

How Can You ...

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As we continue into these days of new beginnings, so many are experiencing this God- given warning sign...POTHOLES. See, if you decided to make huge changes this year you needed to change roads, not patch the road you were traveling. All of the sudden the same destructive and annoying holes in your life are starting to show again. Unless you made a true direction change, you will wear out ...

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What Makes an Event Effective?

Powerful experiences are prepared experiences. God's presence can change any situation in an instance, but I believe that God moves when we have created a platform. All through Scripture we see this taking place, from the Tabernacle, to John the Baptist. I asked myself this week what makes an experience excellent. Here are some non negotiables for any event to be excellent and heaven anointed.

#1 Prepare
All through Scripture the ...

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Go Teddy!

This may be the most inspiring piece of literature that I have read (other than the Holy Word of God) this year! Ironically, this was hanging above the urinal at a great sandwich shop in Conway, Arkansas. President Roosevelt penned this and it has fueled me in a HUGE it and you will know what I mean. Read thoroughly and slowly...let me know what speaks to you.


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Jesus Lead Like This…

Serving and leading within God's Church is an honor and privilege.  Learning how to inspire and keep leaders is the most difficult role I have as a pastor.  Following Jesus' example is my goal in every area of my life so I went to the Word to see how he kept followers.  John 666 shows how he lost them as well..."From this time many of his disciples turned back and ...

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7 Ways to Protect Your Marriage

I am learning that our greatest report card of ministry is OUR MARRIAGE. Pastors often want to discuss theology, christology, degrees, biblical criticism, and knowledge to prove effectiveness. Your marriage is the plumb-line. Rick Warren (@rickwarren Twitter) gives excellent details on how to protect your marriage for pastors and parishioners. This article moved me and I hope it challenges you.

By Rick Warren
Like the saying goes, the grass is ...

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The Last, The Lost, The Least

My focus for our church and my family this year is so very simple, yet so Biblically profound.  3L's is all you need to remember. I am so guilty of "ministry" distractions and losing God's mission directives.  Brand New Church and more of God's Churches will be focused on three things:

The Last
James 1:27 "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans ...

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First Blog of 2010!

I am sitting here by the fire writing my first blog (maybe the most important) entry of 2010 and I am busting at the seams with readiness. I am not only anticipating great things, I can sense God doing great things all around me. In my heart, my marriage, my kids lives and the church I  am privileged to serve. This Monday is (though snowy) is providing me with a whirlwind ...

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