How Did They Miss It?

Jesus said, "It is finished" and then the Father demonstrated His power! I wonder why I rarely, if ever, heard anyone preach this display of God's overwhelming evidence of declared Deity. There are three events that took place after Jesus took his last breath and gave up His Spirit.

Here they are:
Matthew 27:51-53
#1 "At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom."

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Making The Most of Holy Week

The greatest story ever told is celebrated this week all over the world. God's Son, Jesus Christ, gave himself, sacrificially, for all mankind's evil and conquered the grave! Easter is when we change our gaze "East" on Christ's soon return and recognize Easter as the antidote for this world's fears. This year I am going to focus everyday on the events of Christ leading to His resurrection. I encourage you ...

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Dairy Queen and Online Church

Today, I felt like splurging on some ice cream and stopping by Dairy Queen (the Ruth's Chris of rural America) with my gorgeous wife and kids. As I was there, two different families shared with me their appreciation for the message yesterday. They do not attend our church buildings, but regularly attend online . I am always amazed at how God uses His vision to change lives through technology. Yesterday, according ...

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Am I a Leader?

Today I asked myself this I a leader?  Not positional or pastorally, but in deed and duty.  It lead me to this list of qualifications that I believe must be in every leader:

"Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion."
My God given vision, to walk in Christ, to love my wife as Christ loved ...

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Website Awake(NING)

Brand New Church just launched a facelift on it's website (check it out here) The message section is AWESOME, the new big viewing screen is great, but the COMMUNITY tab is THE BOMB! As a relational, church leader I am always looking for ways to build commUNITY within our congregants and this community tab is BIG. The genius Jon Dale (@jondale) got me turned on to this great tool for ...

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One Day Event May 25th

This One Day Event with Tony Morgan and Casey Graham is a MUST. The Cost is $49 if registered on or before April 30. We have 30 rooms for $35 a night first come first serve, just email us at

#1 Tony will assist you with Ministry Strategy, Leadership Vision and Structure. His blog is read by thousands and you can order his book here.

#2 Casey will not only enable you to ...

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Things You Don’t Need to Pray For

2 Peter 1:3-8 is a passage you don't need to pray in your need to add it to your life. It says, "make every effort to add to your faith...". God has done his part, now you do yours. Don't PRAY THESE, PLAY THESE in your daily living. There are seven, one for every day to add to your Christ walk:

#1 Goodness – praiseworthy
Be intentional with your goodness.
#2 Knowledge – ...

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