Why You Should Teach on Sex

Everyone is teaching about Sex, selling Sex and promoting Sex...except The Church. The Church is led by the Inventor of Sex...God Almighty, so let's lead the charge in teaching it according to His Word. Why should we teach on this topic:

#1 If The Church does not teach the truth, media will teach the Lie.
#2 God invented sex, so letting others know His direction is a Must!
#3 Sex (according ...

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3 Tools for Sermon Prep

There are three things I use EVERY TIME I prepare a sermon. Not sometimes, but every time...

#1 Blue Letter Bible
This site has the best lexicon and original language search tools that I have found for free! Every message is built on The Holy Word of God not a Holy Topic and BLB is a fantastic tool for all pastors and church leaders.

#2 Etymology Online
The origin of words is ...

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High Tech Is Not High Dollar

I wanted a fresh video element that communicated we should live for Christ and stay eternally focused everywhere. I asked our tech team to put together a series of shots that you can see below...it is so effective. Our tech team consist of a fabulous volunteer leader, one paid staff member, and one Apple computer.

So many churches have limited resources, limited staff, limited technology, and limited knowledge when ...

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Here’s An Idea

We are in the series "IMAGINE" at BNC and God is changing hearts and MINDS. Why is it so easy for us to love God with all our heart, affectionately, but not submit our will to God moment by moment, mentally? I have been teaching this with an illustration that God has been using tremendously.

It's a clear box made of plexiglass and glass glue. The cost is minimal and ...

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I am finalizing our next series entitled "SEXODUS" and I want your input. Churches all over the country have covered this topic excellently for the past decade, but I want to laser our focus. Help me with the following issues:

#1 What issue is the most pressing?
#2 What parenting helps are a must for discussion?
#3 Do you like the title and subtitle? What would you change?
#4 What are some elements (songs, ...

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Cruise and Booze

Last week, I got on a cruise ship 600 miles away from my home and sailed to the Caribbean. I love to cruise, I especially love to let my hair up (my doesn't go down) and relax. It's a time where Cindy and I can get out of the fish bowl for a few days...or is it? One day while sitting at the port in Calica, Mexico a couple asked "...

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After 17 years

Cindy and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary this past weekend.  I am married to the most special woman on planet earth.  Cindy and I, are continuing to learn God's plan for our lives as ONE here on earth.  Let me share just a few things I have learned the past 17 years:

#1 Spiritual Intimacy equals Marital Intimacy!
If I am bombing with my Groom (Jesus Christ), I will be failing ...

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5 Things I’ve Learned About Myself…

This week has been monumental in my life as a leader and pastor. I am learning that sometimes the best offense is a great defense. In year seven, week twenty one, of the pastorate I have learned FIVE things:

#1 Passion and Zeal are not enough to get you through.
You have to have plans, goals, systems, and sometimes a change from what you originally planned. Passion and zeal are important, ...

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