Qualities of Prevailing Churches

Prevailing churches are on the rise and God is growing His Kingdom all over the world. In my limited travel I have seen these  qualities apparent in each local church. Note this: the qualities are there, but the approach, style, and way of executing these attributes are extremely unique.

#1 Leadership
A growing church ALWAYS has a great, called leader. Leadership that is directed through a sensitivity to The Holy Spirit. ...

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The Anthem of God!

The heart of God for His Church saturates the pages of His Word. It may be the most neglected truth taught in most local churches around the world. Don't be upset, just answer this question; "How much of your church budget, programming, sermons are centered around the poor, needy, oppressed, broken, fatherless and widowed? I HAVE BEEN WRECKED by the call of God to serve those in need! Jeremiah sums ...

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Worship Thoughts

Here are just a few thoughts before planning your next worship experience:

#1 The Senior Pastor is the Lead Worshipper in your Church.
#2 You need...a) Planner b) Performer c) Passioner...not a real word d) Player...executes it top to bottom
#3 Your proximity to God personally will be the proximity the church will go corporately.
#4 Bring elements to your Senior Pastor, not just songs.
#5 Your staff, and church leaders, MUST ...

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I am Stuck on Band Aid

Vision continues to be my theme, as we uncover the pitfalls of ministry in Rural America. I am sure they are the same everywhere, but I am learning what happens when you do what God's Word says. When God's vision is stuck on you as the leader, it will stick on those you lead, like BAND-AID. I have been WRECKED by God these last few weeks, and here are a ...

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