Almond Joy

The Almond Tree has great significance in The Tabernacle...Almond Blossms on the ends of the candelabra and Aaron's staff was made of Almond wood. Watch this clip and find out what the word "almond" means in the is a REVELATORY TRUTH! You will never eat an almond the same again! Almond from Shannon O'Dell on Vimeo.
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Bad Day

Many days start off negative, frustrating, irritably, hastily and frustrating. Here are just a few suggestions to get back on track when your day just might whip your tail:

This is so understood, but I think that is why most believers spend less than 10 minutes a week in the Holy Book.
You won't feel like it, but do it anyway.

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Rural Mindset

How do I overcome my church's rural mindset? Rural is not the population, but rural is the mindset of most churches. We begin to settle ...

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There is Power in your Tongue

Before you say a word, did you know there is power in your words? I have heard it said, "Your tongue is the rudder of your life." Your story could change today if you would just begin to speak what God already has spoken over you! When we continue to speak negativity into the lives of our kids, spouses, employees, you begin to believe that about them. Jesus redeems our ...

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What is a Daniel Fast?

After the challenge Sunday many of you have asked, what is a Daniel fast? What can I eat? More importantly, what can't I eat? Cindy and I, began Sunday with a fast from several things, and are believing God for supernatural results in our church, marriage, children, finances and leadership vision. Praying and fasting were not a minority in the scripture, they are found hand in hand. So if you ...

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Great Words…

Yesterday I spent the afternoon as a humbled guest of Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Henry for her swearing in service. She read a quote that ...

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If you are serving in a church that is small thinking, family driven (not meaning sensitive to family ministry, but one family drives it), inaccurately ...

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How I Spell Vision

Vision 2011 Clip from Shannon O'Dell on Vimeo. 2011 brings new dreams, thoughts, ideas and they must be lead through vision. Habakkuk 2:3 “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry." Take this first Monday morning of 2011 and just review your vision.

Here is how I ...

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