20 Reasons I have been married 20 Years

By Shannon O'Dell / Posted on 07 August 2013

August 7, 1993 I married Cindy O’Dell and here are my top reasons we are most passionate about our marriage today than ever.
1) Daily Pray together.
2) Communicate clearly.
3) Remove my Rights.
4) Focus on my Spiritual Responsibilities.
5) Made Jesus #1 in our Marriage.
6) Date night.
7) Unity in all things.
Passionate intimacy.
9) No surprise purchases.
10) Parent as one.
11) Laugh together.
12) Go without the kids.
13) Calendar weekly.
14) Made our bedroom sacred.
15) God’s Bride, the church, is priority.
16) Learned to Listen.
17) Share what we read in the Word daily.
18) Never put kids before our relationship.
19) Exercised together.
20) Confessed our sins to each other.

I love you Cindy!! Happy 20th!!



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