20 Reasons I have been married 20 Years

August 7, 1993 I married Cindy O'Dell and here are my top reasons we are most passionate about our marriage today than ever.
1) Daily Pray together.
2) Communicate ...

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Distractions or Declarations

You can be Distracted today or Declare!!
Ps 107:2 “Let the redeemed of the Lord, say so.”
Make these 7 Declarations Today...

#1 I will set my mind ...

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I Need Marriage Counseling

I never feel like I need marriage counseling or relational therapy. Only weak, failing marriages seek counseling - but I promise you regular marriage check ...

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9 Things in My Head

The seasons of ministry bring all kinds of thoughts and meditations. This is what God is showing me right now...

#1 You Cannot have too many ...

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Why Commitment is Not Enough

Love is such an misunderstood word. Cindy and I now call our culture's definition "LOKE". We don't truly love, we just "like" love. True love ...

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Prevailing Pastoral Marriage

Success in ministry happens when it is not your mistress. Let's have prevailing marriages and here are a few things I am learning.

#1 Romance
Flowers, ...

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Valentines Present

Valentines is one of my favorite holidays (three of our children were born in November...need I say more.) I gave my wife her Valentines ...

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Marriage Tips

We are getting for the Highest attended Marriage Event September 17-18, in Romance Uncensored history. Feel free to join us...it's not to late.

Going to a Marriage Event equals an argument prior, so let's begin now so the event will be even better than ever.
Here are 30 Marriage Tips to get us thinking about healthier relationships:

01. Keep talking
02. Try something new
03. Share your dreams
04. Establish a spending plan
05. Don't ...

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